Author: Steve Paslow

Ancient Pyramids Found in The United States of America

In the middle western state of Wisconsin, there is a lake called “Rock Lake”. This huge body of water is in south central Wisconsin, at Lake Mills in Jefferson County about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of the city of Madison. Rock Lake is a 1,365 acre watery area that reaches a depth of 60 feet (18.3 meters). For many thousands of years, Native American Indian tribes have lived in the area and left many artifacts behind.

What America Was Like After Humans First Arrived

There is a now at belief, because of recent scientific evidence, that humans first arrived on the continent of North America at least 20,000 years ago, which is 5,000 years earlier than the previous commonly accepted notion. The first humans came in great multitudes by crossing into...

Visitations of Jesus Christ Throughout the Ages

Jesus Christ, the rabbi, Jewish religion reformer and the founder of Christianity who worked miracles and was believed to be the Son of God; Jehovah, was reportedly seen by various people after his death; the resurrection from the dead, and then ascension into the Kingdom of Heaven during various time periods-ancient, medieval, and modern. We will study quite a number of such sacred sightings.

Bats, Witches,and Goblins on Halloween

Halloween, October 31th, especially during the dark, is considered a time for the supernatural. Some people, far back in the past, believed bats seen on that night are vampires that turned themselves into the winged creatures. Of course, nowadays bats seen on Halloween are known to be just animals. Out of a thousand species of bats, only three types are vampires. The vast majority of the flying mammals sustain themselves by eating insects, and in many cases, only eat insects.

The Mummers and Their Strong Relationship With Halloween

There are many people, in various Western nations, who practise mummering. Mummering involves, during the snowy season, to dress up in strange looking costumes with big masks, hoods so that people do not know who is underneath. Just like Halloween where young people disguise themselves in highly fanciful; outlandish costumes during the last day of October (the 31st)

Centuries Old Treasure ships Under the Deserts of California and Arizona

Hundreds of years ago, Spain sent large war ships with many soldiers to brutally conquer the Native American Indians throughout the lands that much later became The United States of America, Mexico, and the other nations of Central America, as well as what later became the nations of South America. With Mexico being a Spanish colony, Mexico then sent its some of its armies and navies to conquer the Native American Indians.

A Brief Study of Chinese Feng Shui

  The ancient Chinese believed in all sorts of things. Of special concern to the Chinese civilization were the forces of the wind and the water and the name “feng shui” means “the way of the wind and the water”. Originally, feng shui was concerned about living...

Ghosts of Pittsburgh PA and Suburbs During The Revolutionary War and Before

In the United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are a few old historical, sites as that date from 1776-the year of the American Revolution War against Great Britain and before. People who visit these areas often do not know about a great number of reports that deal with the hauntings of spirits of the dead that are intertwined in their history.

Ghosts of the American Civil War

The Civil War of the United States of America began on April 12, 1861 and ended on May 9, 1865. At one time, America was split into two halves. The Northern half of the country were the original states of the Union government. Those states were under...

Tibet and Legendary Magical Performers

Tibet is a Buddhist eastern Asian nation that was forcibly incorporated into The People’s Republic of China on October 6, 1950 to complete annexation by May 23, 1951 under the armies of Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong. Also, on May 23, 1951 the government of Tibet was very...

Occultism Magic of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was rife with the practice of magical spells and the occult. For many centuries, Europeans considered Egypt as a country where secrets of magical arts were preserved and taught, more than any other country.. Part of this belief was based on the fact that for...

Magical Words, Circles, Symbols, Colors, And Metals

In the world of the occult arts, there are beliefs that certain words, circles, symbols, and colors have magical powers since ancient times to the present day. A very small sample of magical words include the following: “abracadabra”, “alackazam”, alackazoom”, and “hocus pocus”. The full magical phrase of the first word is “Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam”. “Abracadabra” is ancient Aramatic for “father, son, and holy spirit” and seems to be referring to the Christian Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit”. Other people claim “Abracadabra” is ancient Hebrew for “It came to pass as it was spoken”

Haunted Castles in England, Scotland, and Ireland

  Tourists will flock to England, Scotland, and Ireland to see dramatic architecture hundreds of years old, that have stood the test of time. Magnificent castles boldly grace the countryside captivating the attention of all who gaze upon them. Yet, well let’s be frank, there are also...

Occultism and Magic of India

First, a few quick interesting facts about India are being presented. India is a big country that is the second most populated nation. The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous nation, and China and India are right next to each other. At one time,...

Medieval Legends of Jesus Christ in Ancient England

There are stories from the Middle Ages about Jesus Christ visiting parts of ancient England, which includes Penzance, Falmouth, Saint Justin-Roseland and Looe, which are all in Cornwall, as well as Glastonbury in Somerset. There are legends ascribed to King Arthur that say Jesus Christ traveled to...

Ghosts of the Old American West

One of the most haunted places of the United States of America regarding the Old West is the Alamo which today is a big, very historical tourist site. The Alamo is a very old Spanish Christian mission and a mission is a special church built by Catholic...

A Study of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that in recent times uses small and thin needles carefully inserted into various parts of the body to treat and eliminate certain pains, diseases, and sicknesses by promoting healing to the body. According to ancient Chinese beliefs; there is an...