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The Mummers and Their Strong Relationship With Halloween

There are many people, in various Western nations, who practise mummering. Mummering involves, during the snowy season, to dress up in strange looking costumes with big masks, hoods so that people do not know who is underneath. Just like Halloween where young people disguise themselves in highly fanciful; outlandish costumes during the last day of October (the 31st)

Centuries Old Treasure ships Under the Deserts of California and Arizona

Hundreds of years ago, Spain sent large war ships with many soldiers to brutally conquer the Native American Indians throughout the lands that much later became The United States of America, Mexico, and the other nations of Central America, as well as what later became the nations of South America. With Mexico being a Spanish colony, Mexico then sent its some of its armies and navies to conquer the Native American Indians.

Ghosts of Pittsburgh PA and Suburbs During The Revolutionary War and Before

In the United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are a few old historical, sites as that date from 1776-the year of the American Revolution War against Great Britain and before. People who visit these areas often do not know about a great number of reports that deal with the hauntings of spirits of the dead that are intertwined in their history.