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Nazi Germany Attempts to Build a Flying Saucer During World War 2

Back in World War II ( September 1,1939 to September 2,1945), all the combatants had various military personnel who experienced Unidentified Flying Objects.These experiences were especially true by various men who flew aerial reconnaissance and did combat missions in aircrafts The most common type of UFOs reported were known as “flying discs”, also called circular shaped objects. The second most common form of UFOs seen were cigar shaped objects. Very often, pilots and crews in helicopters and airplanes told of UFO’s appearing and then following their air vehicles, that would come in very close. The men in the aircrafts tried to “out run”; “out fly” them by going at a faster rate of speed, but the strange airships would often purse going faster, fly alongside the aircrafts for a short while, then take off in a burst of higher speed while climbing higher and higher into the sky and then quickly out of sight.

On both sides of the war, all the militaries began to wonder if the other side developed a new, much more complex and sophisticated set of flying machines. The Germans were the most concerned about the matter, studied intensely into UFO reports, and sometimes there were accompanying photographs and movie films. Nazi Germany, under the order the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler (born April 20, 1889; died April 30, 1945), began to get engineers, aerodynamic scientists, physicists, and other academiciian professionals into the task of building what we would now call a flying saucer that would perform basicallly the same way such flying objects would reputed to perform.

Kenneth Arnold and his plane.

Note; The term “flying saucers” was really started in 1947, and World War Two was over in 1945. So the Nazi German government never used the words “flying saucer(s)” in 1945.On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold (1915-1984), a highly experienced American aviator, businessman, and politician was travelling in his small private airplane over the skies near Mount Rainier, Washington State, en route from Chehalis, Washington State to his home in Boise, Idaho. He was startled by a bright light before 3 pm. Mister Arnold viewed north and then saw nine shiny objects racing southward along the crest of the Cascade Mountains. The unknown things in flight were basically circular shaped, except for one crescent-like in form; they were about 50 feet in length, and looked metallic. He observed them for about two minutes before they disappeared over Oregon.

Arnold landed his plane in Pendleton, Oregon for a refueling. There he met Nolan Skiff, the editor of the “East Oregonian” Newspaper, Kenneth Arnold told Skiff about his mysterious flight experience and further explained that the vehicles were flying in an undulating formation “like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water and weaved in and out (of the mountain peaks) at speeds approaching 1,200 miles per hour”, after he clocked them from Mount Rainier to Mount Adams. The East Oregonian published a small article on the amazing occurrence on June 25, 1947. The “Associated Press” picked up the story and gave it national news exposure about the “mystery discs” on June 26, 1947.After more and more sightings of such UFOs were frequently in the mass media news, the term “flying saucers” began to be used.

Now, getting back to the Nazis trying to construct a flying saucer during World War 2, there was a secret government project. But, even though the Nazi scientists tried very hard and devoted much time to trying to build such flying machines that matched the basics of flying saucer designs and operations; the Nazis project was mainly a big failure. What the military people were observing during World War 2 were spaceships that were built by extraterrestrials hundreds and hundreds of years more advanced than the sciences on earth. So naturally we humans back in War World 2, and even today, we do not have the technology to build such flying vehicles, and will not for centuries.Extraterrestrial flying saucers use principles of anti gravity propulsion for flight and use no fuel. These alien crafts come from outside our solar system. The nearest solar system after ours is Alpha Centauri which is 4.3 light years away.

The Nazis experimented with manned rocket powered air crafts, big rounded airplanes with a propeller in front, and jet turbine engine airplanes. So did the Americans and the Russians. The circular shaped airplane with a propeller in front was a failure in trying to achieve stability and would almost touch the ground. While the Nazis did experiment with a large rocket powered turbine for flight with a small cockpit in the center; there was no stability control and the rockets would quickly burn themselves out. German manned rocket powered vehicles, as the Messerschmitt Me 163, was the only operational rocket powered fighter aircraft in history as well as the first piloted aircraft of any type to exceed 1,000 kilometres per hour (620 miles) in level flight. First flight on September 1, 1944. Introduced into combat in 1944. Only capable of a maximum of seven and a half minutes of powered flight. The rocket propellant was corrosive and hazardous to be around.

The Nazis experimented with jet turbine engine air craft. Their most advanced jet turbine airplane was the Messerschmitt Me 252, nicknamed Schwalbe (German “Swallow”), in fighter versions of Sturmvogel (German “Storm Bird”) in fighter bomber types. That aircraft was the world’s first operational jet powered fighter aircraft and looked nothing like a flying saucer nor any alien style UFO. Manufactured by the Messeschmitt Corporation, the first flight of the jet engine airplane was on April 18, 1944 and introduced in warfare in April 1944.

In early 1950, a German engineer named Rudolf Schriever gave an interview in the German news magazine “Der Spiegel” claiming that he had designed a craft that ran on a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 49 feet (15 meters) in diameter. Schriever said that he and crew worked on the aircraft project at the BMW at Prague, Czechoslovakia until April 1945 when he fled that country. The plans for the flying disk and a model were stolen from his construction place in Bremerhaven-Lehe in 1948 and he strongly believed Czech government agents built the device for a foreign country.On October 1952, in another Der Spiegel interview, Schriever stated that the designs of the craft were stolen from a farm he was hiding at near Regen, Bavaria, Germany on May 14, 1945.From both interviews he gave to the magazine, there are a number of inconsistencies.

The Avrocar S/N 58-7055 (marked AV-7055) on its rollout. Image from wikipedia.

In 1954, a German engineer named Georg Klein claimed that Nazi Germany experimented with circular jet turbine airplanes, and that there were 2 types of such flying discs. The first type was a non rotating disk developed at Breslau(Wroclaw, Poland) by V-2 rocket engineer Richard Miethe, who got captured by the Soviets while he escaped to the USA by way of France and ended up working for Avro Canada, But, there are no major breakthroughs;no real successes in circular flying discs created at Avro Canada, a manufacturing company wholly funded by the USA military since 1956. The last type of a jet turbine powered circular aircraft produced by Avro was the Avro VZ-9 AV Avrocar was just a hovercraft that, even by further experimentation, could not be made to rise more than 3 feet off the ground. The USA Army and the USAF cancelled the flying disk project in 1961. The second type of flying disk produced used a jet turbine spinning wheel connected underneath a stationary cockpit according to Klein. The circular aircraft was allegedly built by 2 German engineers Rudolph Schreiver and Klaus Habermohl at Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Another outstanding hard to believe claim made by Klien was that he personally witnessed a German made flying disk of rotating turbine blades that was manned on February 1945 and it rose to fly up to 12, 400 meters (40,700 feet) in 3 minutes and attained a speed of 2,200 kilometers per hour in level flight.There is absolutely no proof at all of Nazi Germany ever having such a flying machine that would perform as such. Also, there is no proof that Miethe worked on the Nazi V-2 rocket program.The claim by Georg Klien of Miethe having escaped from the Soviets in Breslau by flying out in a Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet could not have occurred. There is no evidence that Habermohl ever existed.While Rudolph Schriever put forward a statement of having worked for Heinkel as a test pilot and engineer between 1940 and 1941; there is no corroboration of such a thing. After the war in Germany was over, he drove supply trucks from the USA Army but he told newspapers that agents of foriegn nations were frequently making offers for his wartime flying machine pursuits.

There were great opportunities, though temporary, with big payments for these legendary (mythical) ,amazingly wonderful flying machines for engineers; builders for the construction, so telling “very tall tales” about these “flying machines” was a way to achieve, temporarily, great wealth. And to create a strong sense of German pride.

Just like the Nazis lied over and over again at the Nuremberg trials (November 20, 1945 to October 1, 1946); lying saying that they did not kill any Jews at the concentration camps until overwhelming evidence proved them wrong); various Nazi scientists were fond of lying to their war victors (the Americans and their allies) about building their own “flying discs” (we would say “flying saucers”.) There were complete fiction stories about how well these flying saucers operated, especially going up very high in the sky.

The German Sack AS-6 V1 aircraft was a propeller airplane with a middle section that appeared as a very big flatten circular form. It was built privately during the war by designer Arthur Sack by the Manufacturer Mitteldeutsche Motorwerke/Flugplatz-Werksatt that first appeared for testing with a pilot inside during February 1944, but the airship would not fly. After numerous improvements and test runs over the months, the plane would do a short hop but was dangerously unstable. In the summer of 1944, after more repairs, the airship would still only do a short hop, and again unable to achieve flight. Not long afterwards, the Sack AS 6 V1 project was abandoned.The Sack AS-6 V1 is regularly associated iwth the Nazi UFO conspiracy theory.

The US had there version of a German “V2 Rocket”. Here’s the launch of the Bumper Rocket.

While there are sketches for ideas on building what roughly looks like a flying saucer there is nothing from Nazi Germany that looks like what you would expect a true flying saucer; a clasical flying saucer to look like. There are no known official, highly detailed plans with test information documents; nor are there any real working machines nor any known functioning small models of classical shaped flying saucers. There are just missiles, rockets( unmanned and manned versions), airplanes, and helicopters. There are books that are entire fiction on Nazi flying saucers and secret Nazi built and run UFO centers underground in Antartica, even though the Nazis did explore Antartica briefly on January 19, 1939 that was then Norweigan government territory. The Nazis claimed that area for themselves and named it “New Swabia” or “Schwabenland” itself named after the German region of “Swabia”. On April 8, 1940, the Nazi German occupation of Norway began. But on May 8, 1945 Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces.




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