Monthly Archive: June 2020

Recent Dinosaur Discoveries in Australia

In the continent and country of Australia, there is the largest known dinosaur footprint. A footprint of a gigantic sauropod (a long necked dinosaur) was discovered in northwest Australia, measuring almost 65 inches or 1.75 meters, according to the lead author of the report, Steve Salisbury at...

Ancient Jewish coins found in Israel

On May 13, 2020, a very rare coin from an ancient Jewish revolt against the Romans was discovered in Jerusalem, Israel. The ancient coin belongs to the time of the Bar Kokaba revolt, circa 132 CE ,(Common Era). or AD(After Death of Jesus Christ). The obverse (front...

Ancient, Secret Hindu Yoga

There are two types of yoga. The most common form is the type of yoga practiced at various schools or social interest places where there is a course on instruction for a few weeks. Usually, people pay a reasonable cost for the classes, but some teachers demand exorbitant, unreasonable high tuition. The first type of yoga starts with the lotus position(sitting straight upright with crossed over legs), with some deep breathing in and out. Sometimes, there is also a little meditation or contemplation about the lotus position and temporarily emptying the mind of worries and problems.

For Centuries, Chinese Coins Are Found in Canada

In July 2011, a Chinese coin from the Qing Dynasty of the reign of Manchu Emperor Kangxi, cast between 1667 and 1671, was found in Canada’s Yukon Territory, northwest of Carmarks, near gold rush trials. The gold rush trials started over two centuries later in 1898 when people headed to Dawson City and the Klondike gold fields.