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Ancient, Secret Hindu Yoga

There are two types of yoga. The most common form is the type of yoga practiced at various schools or social interest places where there is a course on instruction for a few weeks. Usually, people pay a reasonable cost for the classes, but some teachers demand exorbitant, unreasonable high tuition. The first type of yoga starts with the lotus position(sitting straight upright with crossed over legs), with some deep breathing in and out. Sometimes, there is also a little meditation or contemplation about the lotus position and temporarily emptying the mind of worries and problems.

After that, the devotee practices various strange poses; postures with a limited amount of stretching which are taught as some sort of healthy exercises. But. there is another form of yoga. A second form which is not normally taught, nor practiced. This type of yoga is called “spiritual yoga,” or “psychic yoga” and deals primarily with meditation. For many centuries, Hindus performed this yoga and some Buddhists were taught it by Hindus, centuries ago. According to ancient Hindu beliefs, there is great physical energy stored and dormant at the area of the base of the spine. This energy is “coiled up” like a serpent and ready to be activated like the snake ready to strike. The idea of spiritual yoga is to get this energy unblocked from the base of the spin and move it upwards along seven centers of the body, which are like spinning wheels or circles.

The seven conduits are the base of the spine, the lower abdomen, the solar plexus, heart, throat, and the crown(the area at the top of the head). While the energy goes through the body it strengths; revitalizes the various areas and organs it goes through. But, the main purpose of spiritual yoga is the development of psychic; occult, paranormal powers. 

A true master of spiritual yoga in which the great Kundalini power has gone from the beginning of the spinal cord to the top of the head can can generate a bright halo around the head. The halo can be mono colored or multi colored. Ancient and medieval artists have shown religious holy people with halos just to indicate that the such individuals are holy. But, in spiritual yoga, real energy halos are produced surrounding the head of the person. Psi phenomena known as mental telepathy; mind reading, clairvoyance, spirit medium-ship come from the Kundalini power within the head. Other very highly advanced phenomena include telekinesis and levitation where the master, while in deep lotus position concentration, floats in the air, moves around, and then descends back to the ground or the floor of the room. One way the Kundalini power,(also called serpent power) is released and then sent upward through the body within the seven chakras, is by first sitting, with the back straight in lotus position and practicing frequently a deep meditation, in moderation, by visualization.

Visualize the Kundalini energy; use your imagination to visualize some type of physical energy uncoiling itself or at least unblocking itself at the base of your spine, then moving upward from the lower abdomen, then to the solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead, and lastly to the very top of your head. 

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