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Flying Saucer Crashes of Roswell, Aztec, New Mexico 1947-1950.

Artist’s simulation – UFO before crash at Roswell New Mexico site.

During the spring and summer of 1947, people living in the American southwestern states, especially in New Mexico, have reported seeing strange discs, also spelled disks, flying in the sky, both in the daytime and the twilight. Although the flying disks were not the only shape seen, there were spheres, eggs, cylinders, cones; the disc shapes were by far the most numerous seen. These flying objects would zip across the sky at amazing speeds, and would travel in highly controlled maneuvers with great precision. The military and the public believed these unidentified flying objects(ufos) were extraterrestrial in nature. Many sightings were published in local newspapers. 

In Washington State, on June 24, 1947, American business man and airplane pilot, Kenneth Arnold (1915-1984), claimed to see nine shiny unusual objects flying in tandem extremely fast near Mount Rainier. These objects Arnold described as “saucer like” and then the press, that published his story, called the objects “flying saucers”. 

Also, in the summer of 1947, a flying saucer was observed by the military on radar, flying over the New Mexico desert, seemingly observing government nuclear weapons activity, but crashed after being hit by a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm. The aliens inside the saucer died. The saucer crashed in the desert. 

The military came out to the crash site, took possession of the crashed disc with the dead extraterrestrials inside, and gathered up all the pieces of metal they could find. Major Jesse A. Marcel was in charge of the operation.

The aliens were a group of young looking men that looked like perfectly normal human men, except their size was perhaps as small three feet , on the average and some reports say they had no teeth. The bodies were put in special refrigerator freezer storage machines. The bodies, crashed saucer, metal shards were split up and moved to various secret government centers with sworn to secrecy research scientists who made classified reports, with photographs and video film. 

The flying saucers were studied vary greatly, yet little was learned about them. They were of such a vast superior technology, estimated to be centuries and centuries beyond the current earth technology. The saucer flew without any fuel and by a means of reserving gravity, and those spaceships were made without using wires, nails, bolts, nor screws. There were machine parts that snapped in place and could snap out if need be as to fix as some reported. 

On July 6, 1947, a foreman named William Brazel, working at the J.B. Foster Ranch in New Mexico, about 30 miles(50km) from Roswell, NM, saw a tremendous amount of scattered wreckage widely spread across the ranch. The day before, he heard a lightning strike during a storm, and with all that wreckage, thought he was observing a crashed flying disk. Brazel went out, got the local sheriff, and they surveyed the scene. The sheriff soon notified the military of what he observed. Major Jesse Marcel soon came up to investigate. 

At first, the military thought the same thing as Mister Brazel and the sheriff; that a flying disk crashed there. After everything was collected, then taken out by the military, “The Roswell Daily Record” Newspaper on July 8, 1947, did a story claiming a crashed flying disk was retrieved by the military; the article had a photograph showing Major Jesse Marcel examining metal shards. 

But, soon afterwards, the military debunked the story, claiming the wreckage was not of a flying disk, but of a weather balloon. Actually, the wreckage was of a special, secret instrumental balloon that would measure nuclear radiation in case of radioactive attack on America by the Communist Soviet Union. The weather balloon crash was just a ruse. 

Over the years, more and more crashed flying saucers occurred in New Mexico and there around, as Arizona and even Mexico from 1947 to 1950 and the government’s retrieval of them. There is a story that when flying saucer crashed in Mexico, very close to the USA border, the USA military went into Mexico and retrieved the crashed saucer. Inside the spaceship was a dead human looking man only 23 inches tall. The USA  government thought a powerful radar system it would use in the deserts emitted energy waves that were causing severe damage to the propulsion engines of the saucers; causing the saucers to crash. 

In the book, “Behind the Flying Saucers” by Frank Scully, long time newspaper reporter and magazine writer, published in 1950 by Holt, Reinhardt Books, New York City, NY, describes in detail the cases of crashed flying saucers, dead small human men, and the USA government’s possession and study of all them. Much of that information was supplied to Frank Scully by a government informant scientist, named Doctor G  Gee or Ghee, pseudoism who broke his oath to secrecy revealing details to Scully. The scientist G, was one of the scientists who was examined the crashed spaceships, dead little alien men, and the metal shards. 

The USA government tried to denounce the book as a fraud, but very interestingly, after many years, USA physicist, researcher, and author Stanton Friedman, under the USA Freedom of Information Act, was able to get de-classified military reports on the matter; the incidents and their activities, and even though some of the information was blackened out by government censors, sentences and paragraphs that were readable were discovered to have been used verbatim in Scully’s 1950 book. So much of the information in Scully’s book actually came from the USA government, itself.

There is a interview made by the US government concerning W. Glen Davis who was a local mortician that served Walker Air base and other military installations in the Roswell New Mexico area during the 1940’s. The video, made in 1990 has been recently declassified and is publicly available. The link is found on the National Archives and was created by Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force under the Office of the Secretary.

W. Glen Davis was a undertaker who claims to been involved with the aliens remains.

While the Davis tape is shocking in details there have been a number of claims stating that the nurse who is mentioned in the interview does not exist but Davis later stated he feared for her right of anonymity and did not wish to get her involved. 

On March 22. 1950, a FBI agent and FBI office in Washington, DC supervisor, Guy Hottel, sent a memo to his boss, J. Edgar Hoover, describing the crashed flying disks and human looking crew, being only three feet tall, and dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture, similar in bandaged style to the clothing worn by high speed pilots and pilots. The FBI information of this memo can be found on the US Government link:

Excerpt of the Guy Hottel memo as reported to the FBI.

Roswell and to a lesser extent the Aztek UFO encounters are well publicized but contain conflict in stories and witness interviews. In any case it’s hard to believe that so much controversy could have come from the wreckage of a simple weather balloon. There has to be more to the story than such a low key explanation. We may never know but the perhaps some day let’s hope the aliens, if they exist come back to tell us the truth!

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