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Ghosts of Pittsburgh PA and Suburbs During The Revolutionary War and Before

In the United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are a few old historical, sites as that date from 1776-the year of the American Revolution War against Great Britain and before. People who visit these areas often do not know about a great number of reports that deal with the hauntings of spirits of the dead that are intertwined in their history.

Celebrities and Their Occult Experiences

The following article is a short listing of all the many, many celebrities that have been or are involved in supernatural occurrences or claim to have paranormal beliefs or both.The actress Sharon Stone recently wrote a book entitled “The Beauty of Living Twice”, which was published on...

Ghosts at PGH’s Community College

Something strange happened at what is now Community College of Allegheny County, PA. The campus is located on Pittsburgh’s historic north side along Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. The college, ┬álocated on Pittsburgh’s North Shore is surrounded by scenic PNC Park, West Park, and Heinz Field. The...