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Magical Words, Circles, Symbols, Colors, And Metals

In the world of the occult arts, there are beliefs that certain words, circles, symbols, and colors have magical powers since ancient times to the present day. A very small sample of magical words include the following: “abracadabra”, “alackazam”, alackazoom”, and “hocus pocus”. The full magical phrase of the first word is “Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam”. “Abracadabra” is ancient Aramatic for “father, son, and holy spirit” and seems to be referring to the Christian Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit”. Other people claim “Abracadabra” is ancient Hebrew for “It came to pass as it was spoken”. And yet, other people claim “Abracadabra” is ancient Hebrew for “I will create as have said”.”Alakazam” is a word that came into being in the early 20th century and is derived from the names of Greek gods as Apollo and Zeus, etc. “Abra” is an Arabic word whose definition is “example, lesson”. “Alackazoom” is a corruption of the word :Alackazam” and the “zoom” part is meant to mean a sharp, upward movement”, in this case, of course, to be meant by “magic”. “Hocus Pocus” is a fake or pseudo form of Latin; a corruption of the Latin Christian phrase; “Hoc est corpus meum” which means “This is my body” that pertains to Jesus Christ at the Latin Mass invocation whereby The Host bread is the body of Jesus Christ. And the red wine at the mass is the blood of Jesus Christ, but that occurrence has a different Latin phrase.

Magic Circles-When a sorcerer or a wizard went about summoning evil spirits; demons to make them bound by magic to perform errands, for free; the astral summoner would stand inside of a magical circle. The magic circle, as it is often called, would be a circle drawn on soft soil, sand, or even on dried up mud, when outside; outdoors. The circle would be an inscribed circle; drawn by oftentimes the use of a small sharp knife, and would contain various magical words and symbols that the magic operator, sometimes called a “magician”, would stand within, and intended to provide protection from evil spirits; demons. At times, if the summoning up ritual was performed in a building, as a private home, the magic circle was created by using chalk on top of a hard wooden floor. When the spirit ritual was over, the magic circle would be scrubbed away.

With magic circles, two prominent occultists and necromancers in Europe, hundreds of years ago come to mind-Sir Edward Kelley, or Kelly, also known as Edward Talbot, (born August 1, 1555, died on November 1, 1597; died of an injury) and John Dee (born July13, 1527, died on December 1608).Edward Kelley was an English scryer, alchemist, astrologer, writer, and a well educated man who knew Latin and possibly some Greek. Kelly also was part of special connections with celebrities of royalty. He is best remembered for his workings with John Dee in his magical activities. Witchcraft covens sometimes use magic floor circles during their religious invocations and spell castings. At times, witches also burn small candles in small candle holders in the magic circle. Various colors of the candles symbolize various things as white-purity and virginity, yellow- a sense of spirituality; solemness, red-war; bloodiness from combat, purple-royalty, black-evil; bad luck or even death, green-wealth as many dollar bills, or fields of grasslands; wilderness; foliage pertaining to such interesting land, blue-as a light; pale blue that is seen on a clear warm day in the sky; peace and harmony; tranquility, gold-sacredness; the highest degree of spirituality; piousness; saintliness or gold as denoting wealth; great riches. Pink -symbolizes feminess. Witches believe the ritual of these various colored candles burning deals with certain occult forces being unleashed.

John Dee was an English writer, mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, teacher, alchemist, an occultist, and diviner; fortune teller. He was court astronomer to Queen Elizabeth I and one of her personal advisors. John Dee was also the queen’s political advisor and favored the foundation of English colonies in the New World to establish a “British Empire”, a phrase he is credited with saying.

John Dee and Edward Kelley and a ghost

As a partner with Edward Kelley, one of their occult practices together was the summoning of ghosts to gain extra insight into the afterlife and in the belief that ghosts can foretell the future. There are old illustrations from the early 1800’s of John Dee and Edward Kelley standing in a magic circle while in a church graveyard with the ghost of a deceased woman standing outside the circle whom they invoked. In regards to John Dee and Edward Kelley in the old images, one of them holds a burning torch upward, while the other man holds a cane or staff downward in one hand and in the other hand holds a big open book that most probably is a book on occult magic.

Magic circles often had various Hebrew words and Latin words written inside them. There were various Hebrew names for God and various Latin names for God the Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Many times the Latin names of the Archangels were written in. Symbols of the Jewish religion and the Christianity religion were found in the circles. (Christianity came out of Judaism), Such symbols include the Star of David, also known as the star or seal of Solomon, Christian crosses, the words “Alpha” and “Omega” (beginning and end), biblical verses from both the Judaic Old Testament and the Christian New Testament, drawn symbols of power and protection, such as a sword, a lightning bolt, a mace, an axe, astronomical objects as stars for astral influences and the sun with a human face, and the moon with a human face, and astrological symbols as various constellations of the zodiac to signify various attributes: Aries- the Ram-a fighter, Taurus the Bull-a powerful animal force, Gemini the twins-the involvement of humans, Cancer-the Crab an animal force that can attack with its claws, Leo the Lion-lion is “the king of beasts”; very powerful, Scorpio-the scorpion-a powerful force that can sting with venom, Sagittarius-an Archer that can shoot arrows-symbol of powerful protection or ability to attack, Capricorn-the horned goat symbolizing love, lust, and fertility, Aquarius-the water bearer-symbolizes a human force that quench thirst, put out fires, clean things and people, etc. and Pisces-the fish-symbolizes food from the water; nourishment for the body.

In other cases, magic circles had inscribed within them astrological symbols of planets for their virtues-Mercury-very fast, Venus- the goddess of beauty, physical love, lust, sex, or affection, Mars-war, death, mayhem; Jupiter-the King of the gods denotes the sky, rain, thunder and primarily weapon lightning, Saturn-symbolizing agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation, abundance, wealth, and war. And rarely visible in the sky, appearing as a faint star, Uranus a sky god; weather god of air and wind; father of various human family clans on earth. The sun, moon, and stars that are heavenly bodies were discovered much, much later to be planets; the ancients worshiped these seeming to be stars as divinities and sought help from these divinities according to their various abilities, traits, talents, and skills. The ancients even came up with a listing of metals that are believed to correspond to these divinities which a few centuries ago, astrologers worked into astrological occult properties; influences of them, while a number of centuries before, astrologers dropped the premise of the sun, moon, stars, and planets to be divinities and simply accepted them as simply non intelligent; inanimate celestial phenomena.

The list of occult; outer space system rulership to earthly metals is as follows: The Sun rules gold, the Moon rules silver, mercury and quicksilver-Mercury, Venus-copper, Mars-iron, Jupiter-tin, Saturn-lead. A very great deal of centuries later, Uranus is assigned over uranium. Note: Uranium was only discovered in 1798 by Martin Kisproth, a German chemist who isolated an oxide of uranium while analyzing pitchblende samples from the Joachimstal silver mines in the former kingdom of Bohemia, located in the present time nation of the Czach Republic. Other times, numerological figures were written in the circle, a “2” can represent a couple as a man and a woman, or a boy and a girl, a “3” could represent the Christian Trinity-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. A “7” could represent good luck as seven is long known as a lucky; important number. A “9” can represent power as a nine is the highest single digit number. The occult system of Numerology assigns a special significance to various numbers that various people believe are certain factors; powers; magical forces of numbers. When various words or symbols are part of a magic circle; it is believed in the world of occultism that these various words and symbols release magical forces according to what the words mean and according to what the symbols represent .

An alchemist in his laboratory. Oil painting by a follower o Wellcome V0017631
An alchemist in his laboratory. Oil painting by a follower o Wellcome V0017631



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