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Ghosts of the American Civil War

The Civil War of the United States of America began on April 12, 1861 and ended on May 9, 1865. At one time, America was split into two halves. The Northern half of the country were the original states of the Union government. Those states were under the control of Washington, District of Columbia under Union President Abraham Lincoln. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by noted actor and Confederate States of America sympathizer John Wilkes Booth on April 15, 1865. John Wilkes Booth was shot and killed by a Union soldier, Sergeant Boston Corbett, on April 26, 1865. The southern half of America were the states under the Confederacy government; states that declared secession from the Union government on February 8, 1861. Those states were controlled by the Confederate States of America government at Montgomery, Alabama until moving to the city of Richmond, Virginia after Virginia succeeded from the Union on April 17, 1861. The Confederate States of America (CSA) was under the authority of President Jefferson Davis. The first action of the American Civil War was the Confederate military bombing the Union government of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina on April 12, 1861. Less than 2 days later, the Fort surrendered. While no one was killed then, the battle started the bloodiest war in American history. An estimated 750,000 soldiers from both sides died, a much higher number of deaths than previously thought, discovered from what was new research done by historian Professor J. David Hacker of the Bingham University of New York published in December 2011.

For many, many years there are various estimates of how many soldiers, from both sides, fought in the American Civil War. Estimated figures range from 2.75 million men to 3.5 million men, from both sides. Military records also reveal that there were women who fought and died in all the major battles of the US Civil War. Over 60 women were either killed or wounded at the major battlefields of the Civil War. Dressed as men, there were some women who performed as soldiers. Women, for the most part, did non combat roles such as planting gardens, canned food, cooking, sewing torn uniforms, blankets, and socks, cleaning; laundry, doing untrained nurse’s work, while close to the frontlines etc. The women in non combat roles did not dress as men and were not permitted to carry firearms on the battlefields. There were also women spies, who probably carried small concealed guns. Hundreds of women, at the very least, were directly involved with the US Civil War.

There are a large number of ghostly stories; reports that pertain to the American Civil War. A lot of people making these paranormal claims have given their names, while others remain anonymous, fearing ridicule. Highly experienced ghost hunters, with scientific equipment, and movie; television cameras have interviewed alleged witnesses of ghostly phenomena and have gone on their own, alone independent visits of Civil War sites that are reputedly “hot spots” of ghostly occurrences.

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the city which is claimed to be the most haunted city of the US Civil War, there are many companies offering ghost tours for people at various fees. On social media sites, especially YouTube, there are many videos about Civil War ghosts; spirits including people’s own personal testimonies about experiencing them. A small number of videos on YouTube show images alleged to be ghosts; spirits but dismissed by skeptics as not being scientifically valid. In at least a few cases, skeptics have come up with natural explanations for certain such videos. Over a period of many years, there have been many television shows and movies made about ghosts of the Civil War that can be viewed and listened to on many social media internet sites. There are many online articles and books for sale about ghosts; spirits of the American Civil War.

In cases of the USA Civil War ghost sightings; many people have reported a variety of supernatural phenomena. At times, a single soldier was seen, who was either a Union soldier or a Confederate soldier. On occasion, such a soldier would speak something to the viewer, then simply disappear. In other cases, a whole unit of Union soldiers were seen marching around, their footsteps were heard, and at times the voice of their commander giving orders while the group sometimes were carrying flags. These soldiers were at first believed to be re-enactors by the observers until the soldiers vanished in plain sight. There have been cases when entire armies of Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers were seen bloodily battling each other, and the viewers also were able to hear sounds of drums playing, bugle music playing, and hear other sounds of the battle as screams of agony, gunfire, cannon fire, and smell the smoky gunpowder in the air; then the whole apparition would disappear. In a small number of cases, there are reports of Civil War commanders leading their charges on horses that were seen, then vanished. Horse spirits of the dead seen.

This image is said to a ghost of a Civil war soldier going up the stairs.

Other prominent places of USA Civil War ghosts that people watched that then vanished were at the various cemeteries around where Civil War battles took place, including Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC., which has a large number of buried Civil War soldiers. And there are thousands of other cemeteries within the United States of America that have American Civil War veterans buried therein. Arlington National Cemetery was previously once the home of the very historical Confederate leader General Robert E. Lee, who died on October 15, 1870, the USA government confiscated his land. Arlington National Cemetery was created on May 13, 1864. In 1874 Curtis Lee, heir under his grandfather’s will that passed the estate in trust to his mother, sued the federal government for ownership. On December 9, 1882 Curtis Lee won his case because the USA Supreme Court ruled the confiscation was done without due process. On March 3, 1883, the federal government bought the land from Curtis Lee for $150,000 (equal to $3,701,364 in 2022). General Lee and several members of his family, are buried within the basement of University Chapel and Galleries at Lexington, Virginia. General Lee’s beloved horse “Traveler” is buried right outside the chapel nearby.

While the majority of ghostly experiences occurred outside on the battlefields of the USA Civil War, there are a number of ghostly experiences that happened inside various buildings adjacent to those battleground sites. These buildings, at the time of the Civil War, were hospitals, hotels, barns, farms, various supplies centers, schools that were used by soldiers, etc. and have their share of reputable Civil War ghosts sightings. Some people have also reported that ghosts inside these places very briefly talked with them, moved things around, and on other occasions there were mysterious sounds of footsteps heard but no-one was seen after thorough searches.

Millions and millions of people, the majority are Americans and others are foreigners from many countries, visit the USA Civil war sites every year. When visiting such sites, be sure to be on the look out for ghosts and use your cellular phone camera to film such ghosts if you see any of these spirits of the dead. Then post your own paranormal sighting video on the social media internet site for the world to see.



Man video’s ghosts at Gettysburg:

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