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Zombies Analyzed

Zombies are mythical creatures of the living dead people or commonly referred to as the undead that are produced from the reanimation of dead corpses, most often through alleged magical means or through some type of fabled supernatural scientific means. The English word zombie is derived from the Haitian French Zombi. Haitian Creole uses the word zonbi.

Of course when a person is dead, a person is dead. The physical body is injured so badly that it basically shut -down and has ‘given up the ghost’. The spirit is entirely physically separated from the physical body.

But, there are cases when people think someone is dead who is not really dead. This person can be unconscious, as from a strong blow to the head. If this person happens to regain consciousness, and naturally suffering great pain and dizziness, especially after various prayers for divine intercession were made; various people can assume this person has arisen from the dead.

Zombies are closely associated with voodoo. Voodoo is a certain religion, which contains a mixture of various spirits and gods and alleged magical rites, prayers, and spells from mainly Africans from West Africa who were brought to the Caribbean Islands centuries ago. Haiti is quite famous for such religions.

A widely known aspect of zombies is zombies were a captured people, mainly men; often times people whose skin color would be black or brown but sometimes white. These people were savagely beaten and terrorized by some man, either a Voodoo high priest, or a military man of high rank, or by very wealthy land owner who owns vast areas of land with some buildings thereon. All in all, this crime boss would have many personal body guards with weapons, especially guns.

The captured people were made to work in the fields or do other nauseating laborious work, especially in the hot sunny weather. To help break down the will of these slaves, they were given strong drugs, one way or another, through injections or in their food and drink to make their minds cloudy, so to speak. Also, such individuals were warned to avoid talking to strangers, even if strangers talk to them. These slaves were warned to ignore strangers like they were not even there.


Voodoo Dance as practiced by Latin Americans

Under the drugs, the slaves would seem to be mindless robots, who were always silent, never show any emotions and would do a blank stare into space. From beatings from these taskmasters; the slaves can show facial injuries. Also, such oppressed people would move slowly. Observers can think these deprived, misfortune oppressed people act like the living dead and so must be the living dead.

Also, slaves are often under fed, and it is possible these slaves would at times be so hungry that would eat anything, even the flesh of individuals that were killed.

There are people who will crack under extreme pressure; powerful beatings, especially in an armed encampment under disorienting drugs shall lose their will to think on their own; lose their identity, etc.

Other such oppressed people will hold on to their minds even to the point where they are being killed without submitting to their conquerors; without giving up.

Throughout time, conquering armies and their oppressive, savage governments have always tried to break the will of those people who resist them. But, there are always some individuals who, even though they suffer greatly, defiantly shall still hold on to their own will and personal judgments.


Zombi or Zombie

What’s the difference?


Louisiana Voodoo:

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