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Witches and Witchcraft

Witches and witchcraft are based on many uncanny things since ancient times. Witchcraft seems primarily about acquiring good health, wealth, love, and the vanquishing or even the destruction of enemies; all through alleged magical means. We shall study, in some degree of depth, various witchcraft practices. For good health witches often brewed certain roots and herbs over a large metal pot(a cauldron) with boiling water over a fire from a hearth. People considered such witch’s brews as some type of magical elixir to cure ills. Witches often made health teas or healing teas to drink.

Examples include teas as hibiscus to help with the digestive system and immune system and to help relieve menstrual pain; white tea for physical endurance and to aid the skin to look better against ageing; green tea to help make the body function better for strength and to promote stronger healing abilities of the body; chamomile tea to help calm an upset stomach or to aid in promoting sleep. Many other health benefits are claimed for these teas. Of course, too much drinking of health and healing teas is not a good thing. In regards for love; sometimes witches would make so-called love potions.

Other times witches would take strong mind altering drugs, especially hallucinogens, to experience what was believed to be magical occurrences. Love potions and substances to produce powerful supernatural seemingly effects contained very strong drugs that were dangerous and have even caused, at times, fatalities.

Witches have also practiced various rituals, trying to invoke alleged magical sources to achieve good health, wealth, love and conquering enemies. Burning incense, lit candles, and prayers or chants are prominent factors in such rituals. Many of these ceremonies were performed very late at night. Sometimes 12:00 PM Midnight has been called “The Bewitching Hour”.

A core aspect of witchcraft is the powerful suggestibility of certain people. Witches discovered that some people are so frightened of witches and witchcraft that these people will go into a trance from a witch’s prayers or chants; which later on became known as spells. Thus, the witch has discovered what would much later on become known as hypnotism. The witch becomes the hypnotist and hypnotizes a frightened believer in spells who is the hypnotic subject. Much of witchcraft can be explained by hypnosis. And under hypnosis, regardless of how the deep trance is created, people can be made to hallucinate. These people can be made to hallucinate to see the witch fly high in the sky on a broomstick between her legs, or to see themselves or other people turn into animals as a black cat or a mouse and then back to themselves again human wise unless the so-called spell eventually wears off on its own.

In other cases, witchcraft can be explained by an eerie coincidence or even by two strange coincidences. An example would be a so-called witch allegedly hexes an individual and that person very soon loses his or her job. Or such a “hexed” person encounters two misfortunes, as a car breaks down that is driven by this person and the person also misses an important business appointment with a client.


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