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The Legendary Aura


For many years, occultists have claimed that an energy force  surrounds all living entities such as people, animals, and plants. This energy field is called the aura. With people, the strongest and most prominent part of the aura, according to these claims, is the area of the head since the head is where the brain and mind are located.

Metaphysical theorists also assert the aura radiates in various shades, such as red, blue, white, yellow gold, and black; but not necessarily limited to these colors. Each color represents a certain characteristic of the person having this type of aura. Red indicates being highly emotional. Blue represents calmness, serenity. White indicates purity. Yellow indicates enlightenment and spirituality. Gold represents the highest level of enlightenment and spirituality. Black represents meanness and evil.

Rainbow people - rainbow silhouettes of human aura


Certain things on earth do emit strong energy waves that are commonly known. A strong magnet emits magnetic lines of force with two separate and opposite poles-north pole and south pole-that attracts iron or steel. Two magnets of the same charge, as positive(+) positive(+) or negative (-) (-) emit magnetic lines of force that repel each other. Radium and uranium discharge energy by radiation.

Living things do emit a certain amount of energy in the form of gravity. There are scientists that say everything and everyone radiates a certain amount of magnetism. Furthermore, under certain conditions, living entities can produce electricity and release static electrical charges. Also, living creatures can produce heat waves that can be detected by certain scientific devices.

So the occultists are right when they claim there is an energy force around all living things.

Some occultists even claim there is an energy force around non living things, such as rocks and metals, which is also true.

These mystics term such an energy field as the aura.

Various forms of energy, even when very strong, are invisible; such as gravity and magnetism. In the future, scientists will create machines that will show such energy.

Other forms of energy, when very strong, are visible; such as heat, electricity, and radiation. Radium and uranium in sufficient qualities, glow in the dark.

But, the alleged part of the aura surrounding living creatures having different colors to signify different personalities; different mentalities seems mythical. Energy having different colors is based upon only physical factors, as what types of chemicals are involved for chemical energy, energy mixed in with gases as in an oxygen and nitrogen atmosphere, the effects of energy combining with other energy or energies, etc.

There have been mistaken cases of the human aura  being photographed. The best example of this blunder is from Kirlian photography. In 1939, Semvon  Kirlian discovered that an object on a photographic plate which is connected to a high voltage electrical source produces an image of this object as well as an image of the electrical discharge on that plate. Some people have mistaken the image of the electrical discharge as the aura itself.

kirlian_photograph_of_a_coleus_leaf_1980. Image by Wilipedia
Kirlian Photograph of a coleus leaf 1980 – Wikipedia

When a torn leaf was put under Kirlian photography, a first photograph shows a torn leaf with an electrical corona from the electrical discharge. When a second photograph is taken, a sometimes a faint image of the missing part of the torn leaf shows. But, if the imaging surface is cleaned of contaminants and residual moisture before the second image is photographed; no image of the missing section of the leaf will appear.

Kirlian coins - Wikipedia
Kirlian coins – Wikipedia

Lastly, there are various glasses or vision spectacles which claim they allow the viewer to see auras. Scientists place no credibility in such optical items for the user thereof to see even a single aura. Skeptics claim such glasses do not work at all. What people must be seeing, according to skeptics, is some type of optical illusion as a very slight doubling effect of light around an image and/or the image being perceived as very slightly doubled; all of which can be explained  by purely natural, scientific means. Aura glasses, aura spectacles, aura goggles have been around for many years and scientists find no evidence of anything pertaining to psychic phenomenon about them.

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