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Secret Explained of Genie from an Oil Lamp

For thousands of years, there are stories of an oil lamp that is found by someone who then proceeded to rub it as to clean it and out pops of a genie who magically grants 3 wishes to that person as a reward for helping the genie to get out of the oil lamp. The genie is usually a male and all genii refer to the person who rubbed the lamp as ‘master’.

While stories are easily dismissed as myths by today’s, modern educated people; it is very possible that such stories really happened with certain major exceptions which shall be explained.

First, people of the Middle East, Fertile Crescent area, and thereabout have anciently believed in genie(also genies) a plural form of genie which is an alternate spelling of jinn (plural jinni) who are supernatural beings; some type of spirits with magical powers who may be good or evil. There was also a belief that a jinn could be trapped inside certain enclosures, as a jinn being trapped inside a very strong, heavy; thick glass bottle. Even today, alcoholic beverages in bottles are called ‘spirits’. The idea of a trapped jinn also occurred as being trapped in an oil lamp; which shall take some further explaining. 

Oil lamps were used to light on fire the oil inside to provide light to see during darkness. The light would last as long as the oil was burning. But, oil lamps did not always have oil inside of them. Ancient drug addicts of the Middle East would put hashish, commonly known as hash inside of these lamps in order to act as a secret hiding place and later to smoke the hash inside. The oil lamp itself was hidden in some special place, but could have been found many years later by family members or new owners of the addict’s past personal property.

Hash is the most concentrated and potent form of cannabis-marijuana; hash contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. Hash is derived from the dried resin of the cannabis plants flowering tops and is compressed to form shapes as balls, cakes, or sticks. The Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are the main sources of hash. Hallucinations can also be caused by hash and this is something very important to realize.


A person finds an old oil lamp which does not have oil inside but powdered hashish, unknown to that person. The individual has a strong belief in the existence of jinnis. He or she begins to rubs the oil lamp as trying to clean it. The rubbing effect; shaking causes some hashish particles to escape from the very small opening hole in the front. The person, is alarmed with the strange looking smoke coming out of it (hash powder; hash residue) and wonders if some sort of jinn is coming out. The person, in being very close to the lamp, unknowingly breathes in the hashish smoke traces and starts to hallucinate about meeting a jinn that grants 3 wishes.

After the wishes are granted, all hallucinations, after a short time, the hallucinations wear off and the person notices everything supernatural – the jinn, the results of the 3 wishes, everything seems to have vanished. The notion of everything vanishing that was supernaturally acquired is a constant theme in many magical genies from oil lamp stories. Only the oil lamp remains.

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