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Paranormal Beliefs with Birthstones

For each month, occultists and jewelers have ascribed a certain precious stone and in some cases a few precious stones, to correspond to people that have born on that month. Alleged supernatural and special virtues of these stones can be obtained by wearing that particular stone pertaining to a person’s birthday. But, modern science has not verified any of these mysterious, personal claims.

The birthstones with their months are posted as follows: January: Garnet. February: Amethyst. March: Aquamarine or Bloodstone. April: Diamond. May: Emerald. June: Pearl, Alexandrite. July: Ruby, Carnelian, or Onyx. August: Peridot. September: Sapphire, Beryl, or Agate. October: Tourmaline or Opal. November: Topaz or Citrine. December: Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise.

These birthstones come in a variety of colors. But, the most common color type or types are mentioned in the next list. Garnet-dark red. Amethyst-dark purple. Aquamarine-bluish white. Bloodstone: Dark or black-green with red spots. Diamond-white, grayish-white. Emerald: green. Pearl: white. Alexandrite: greenish blue, dark yellow-brown, pink, red. Ruby: red. Carnelian: orange. Onyx: black and/or white, red, rainbow colors. Peridot: light green. Sapphire: blackish blue. Beryl: orange. Agate: multiple colors. Tourmaline: bluish-white, grey, or green. Opal: blue, white, or rainbow colors. Topaz: natural golden brown to yellow, blackish brown, blue. Citrine: orange. Tanzanite: blue. Zircon: blue, red. Turquoise: blue with black markings, green with black markings.

Special Virtues of Birthstones include, but are not limited to the following: Garnet-passion, love, general protection. Amethyst-protection against drunkenness, feeling of royalty or extreme worth, influences for the granting of high favors. Aquamarine-feeling of calmness, relaxation, protection over clear, blue waters; ability to find water during a drought; protection in green fields and forests. Bloodstone-special Christian blessings of the soul and general protection. Christians believed the red spots on the stone was the blood of Jesus Christ that fell upon the stone during the crucifixion. Actually, the red spots are iron hematite. Diamond-extreme strength, hardness; great endurance. Everlasting love. Diamonds are a very hard gemstone. Emerald-protection in forests, grasslands, and greenish waters. Pearl-purity and keeping virginity, and strong spirituality.

Alexandrite-various virtues; a blending of good influences. Ruby-passion, sexuality, extreme emotionalism; general protection. Carnelian-good luck, good fortune. Onyx(Black)-Protection from the night, protection from the forces of darkness. Onyx(White)-general blessings; sacredness. Onyx(Rainbow colors)-all sorts of virtues and significances based on the colors. Yellow-wisdom and spirituality. Pink-influences for control. Grey: strength. Peridot-protection in the wilderness. Sapphire-Hurting of enemies; protection over waters.

Beryl-good luck; good fortune. Agate(Multiple colors)-all sorts of virtues and significances that are good. Opal(White); good pure and spiritual influences. Opal(black); Protection and Authority. Opal(Red): sensuality, love, protection. Tourmaline(bluish white)-healing influences. Tourmaline(grey)-great strength and endurance. Tourmaline(green)-wealth, money attraction. Topaz(golden brown)-agricultural blessings; good crops. Topaz(Blue): peace, calmness, meditative influences. Topaz(blackish brown)-general protection., Citrine(orange-black)-occultism; Halloween colors,. Tanzanite-calmness; serenity, protection with travel over water. Zircon(blue)-high aspirations; special influences to be a big achiever in life. Zircon(red)-success influences in regards to obtaining life. Turquoise(Blue Black)-peaceful influences, protection against bad effects. Turquoise(Green Black)-prosperity; protection against misfortune.

Interesting physical qualities of certain birthstones: When tourmaline is heated, it becomes electrically charged. When that birthstone is tightly squeezed or heavily rubbed, it becomes piezoelectric. Tourmaline is known as the Sri Lankan Ceylonese magnet as it shall attract or repel hot ashes. When precious stones as opal and alexandrite are viewed in candlelight heat, these stones will change their color hue structure.

Opals, in close candlelight heat, reveal a whole range of various colors, and alexandrite under such candle conditions emits pink to red lights.

Birthstones are quite impressive to see and nice to own; they make good jewelry. These highly favored stones are oftentimes worn mounted or worn as rings, necklaces, and at times on chains.

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