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Leprechauns, Fairies and Elves

Since ancient times, there have been stories of strange, human looking, tiny beings known as leprechauns, fairies, elves, and sprites. Leprechauns are a type of fairies that are from Ireland. The word, leprechaun is derived from old Gavelic leipreachan, from Middle Irish luchorpan, meaning lu: small and corp: body, from Latin corpus: body. Except for their prominently small size, leprechauns, fairies, elves, and sprites look like perfectly normal human beings. Many people have associated dwarfs with these legendary little people, also known as the wee folk, but usually dwarfs have parts of their bodies that are not in size portion to other parts such as big heads, long arms, short legs, etc. True legendary small people have bodies that are in size conformity with the rest of their bodies.

Also, legends state that the supernatural little folks have pointed ears, which maybe optical illusions. There are certain hair styles in which the hair covers a tiny portion of the sides of the upper ears which can give the impression of the individual having slightly pointed ears. When we see an individuals with a hair style wherein the hair covers half of the ears, we know the individual does not have half ears but half exposed ears.


Ireland is the country where the stories of the paranormal wee people are the most prevalent and the belief in such people is the strongest, even though most of the population are skeptical. Leprechauns  are said to be descendants of Tuatha De Danann, a group of magical beings that served under the Gaelic goddess Danu. The creatures lived in Ireland long before humans inhabited the land. Oddly enough all leprechauns appear to be male, so legends say. Often they are depicted to be grumpy, miserable fairies possibly cast out of their own social societies.

People have wondered what is the real origin for the belief in leprechauns, fairies, elves, and sprites. One possibile answer is people who had personal contact experiences with very small, completely human looking extraterrestrials since ancient times.

The controversial book, “Behind the Flying Saucers”, written by Frank Scully (1892 – 1964) , published in 1950 by Henry Holt and Company in New York may provide some insight. Mister Scully talks about secret information he received from a wealthy oil man named Silas M. Newton and an anonymous USA government scientist named Doctor Gee. They tell the story of flying saucer crashes in Arizona and New Mexico and their retrieval by the USA government. Scientists therewith discovered the flying saucers could maneuver using magnetic and gravitational propulsion which the scientists knew very little about.

Inside the wrecked flying saucers were the dead alien crew- men who like perfectly normal men except for having a very small stature. On one smashed up flying saucer, these dead creatures were an average height of 3 feet, with the largest a mere 3 and one half feet tall. But, on another demolished flying saucer, there was a sole pilot, only 23 inches in height (less than 2 feet tall).

One theory suggests these alien’s would look like humans and may not grow very tall because their home planet is much bigger than our earth.  The intense pull of gravity on their planet would pull them, closer to the ground.

The absence of a stronger amount of gravity while visiting earth simply means they could be a super-being; running faster, jumping higher, and being much more physically powerful then the average person on earth.

Even though Scully’s book did not mention finding a crashed flying saucer with dead females, just males, there must be female human astronauts from another earth who visited our earth. Various space programs of various countries of the world have both male astronauts and female astronauts.

Furthermore, in old stories of supernatural wee people, there are also stories of some of those people carrying so-called magical wands, especially with female wee people. These alleged magical wands were most likely some sort of protection devices: weapons that produce a very wide area defensive energy outage to prevent the wee folk from any physical attacks from big earth humans or big earth animals.


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