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King Tut’s Dagger was made from a Meteorite.


A dagger owned by Egyptian King Tut and found within his tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter is made from a meteorite. King Tut was Pharaoh Tutankhamen and ruled ancient Egypt briefly  from 1336BC-1327BCE. A scientific examination was made through the use of X rays that do not hurt the object being scanned and was carried out by the Polytechnic University in Milan and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The analysis revealed high levels of iron and nickel and a very small amount of cobalt. A comparison of 11 metallic meteorites found nearby indicated they have a similar composition. A portable X ray fluorescent spectrometer gave the proof that the King’s weapon is in fact made from a meteorite, confirming scientists earlier suspicions.


Scholars who have examined texts, around the end of the 18th dynasty-1546 BCE, mention “iron from the sky” suggesting the Egyptians were highly aware of the use of iron from meteorites. The  dagger of the has been regarded by the ancient Egyptians as metal forged from  a gift of the Gods of the Heavens; thus having a divine origin.


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