Ghosts of Pittsburgh PA and Suburbs During The Revolutionary War and Before

In the United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are a few old historical, sites as that date from 1776-the year of the American Revolution War against Great Britain and before. People who visit these areas often do not know about a great number of reports that deal with the hauntings of spirits of the dead that are intertwined in their history.

For instance, consider the area of western Pennsylvania, during the time of the French and Indian War (1754-1763) that was a theater of the Seven Years War, whereby the North American colonies of the British Empire and their Native American Indian allies fought against the colonies of the French Empire and their Native American allies. At the beginning of the war, the French settlements had a population of approximately 60,000 settlers, paling in comparison to 2 million individuals in the British sectors. The outnumbered French were strongly dependent upon the North American Indian tribes.