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Magic Wands Explained

In legends from time memorial, there are stories of magic wands. Such wands allegedly would do amazing feats. There are stories of magic wands that attract objects or repel objects. Other tales of these supernatural wands being used to make things happen that would not happen on their own, as making objects and people disappear and reappear. In some cases, the paranormal wands would shoot out some type of visible energy that disables attackers.

We shall study one aspect of such very spectacular phenomena. In ancient Greece long before Jesus Christ; the famous scholar, mathematician, scientist, philosopher, and teacher; Thales of Alexandria, discovered that if dried amber is rubbed with wool, as if to clean it, the amber would magically attract small pieces of leaves, dust, or paper.

As the years and years and years went by, a few highly learned sages discovered that if a glass rod was rubbed with a cloth, then it will magically attract things to it, just like amber does. Unknown to the ancients, there is a special electrical science to all this seemingly magic. The glass rod has become positively charged when rubbed by wool, silk, or cloth, while the rubbing material has become negatively charged. Opposite electrical charges attract each other. 

A further effect discovered was that two glass rods wiped with wool, silk, or cloth would mysteriously repel each other. Unknown to the ancients, similar electric charges repel each other. In other cases, some ancient individuals discovered if a certain metal bar or cylinder, made from iron, nickel, or steel, was struck by lightning, that metal object would magically attract pieces of iron, nickel, or steel.

Unknown to the ancients is that the whole process deals with the metal bar or cylinder becoming magnetized from the lightning bolt. And such a magnetic bar or cylinder would also repel certain metals. Diamagnetic metals, as silver, gold, zinc, tin, and copper are repelled by ferromagnetic minerals as magnetite, load stone, or magnets. Diamagnetic materials, minerals, or metals are repelled by a magnetic field; an applied magnetic field that produces an induced magnetic field in the opposite direction, which creates a repulsive force. 

For the type of objects to be attracted or repelled by magnetism, the magnetic field must be strong enough. Using very strong magnetic things can be impressive. Centuries ago, certain magicians used their skills to create amazing illusions, but did not admit to using tricks, but claimed instead to use magic. Sometimes in order to produce a trick, as in cases of sleight of hand, misdirection is needed with an audience.

A static electrical charge is the often the result of brushing hair on a dry winter day.

Observers would be made to look away from the action by watching a wand the magician would hold and make flourishing motions. In the distant past, the clever magician falsely hinted or told the audience the wand has all the magic power. After so many performances the the audience would assume the magicians wand is magical without the magician even mentioning such a thing to the spectators. 

As time went on, because the practice of witchcraft was a criminal offense, often with fatal punishment. Magicians sooner or later admitted to only using gimmicks and sleight of hand and at times were forced to reveal their secrets to the authorities to prove their techniques were only tricks. 

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There are some magicians’ wands that are self working, completely natural, mechanical props. One of the best examples is the magician’s wand, that when waved around, turns into a bunch of flowers by simply releasing the artificial flowers hidden on the inside of the wand that expand greatly and cover up the wand. After wards, these plastic flowers, usually roses, would have to be tucked back into the wand. 

There are ancient and medieval stories of supernatural beings, that look like ordinary humans, usually very small in height, that carry magic wands that would shoot out visible energy that would disable attackers. Some ufo (unidentified flying object) researchers speculate that the extraterrestrials, who arrived on earth with their superior technology, had seemingly magic wands that may have been actually a self protection weapon. The “wands” released a wave of powerful energy that immobilized; temporarily paralyzed would -be attackers. 

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