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The Haunted Nam Koo Terrace in Hong Kong

Within the modern and hi-tech buildings of Hong Kong lies the infamous Haunted Nam Koo Terrace. This building now dilapidated is 103 years old and shares a terrible past.

Nam Koo Terrace is one of the historical buildings in Hong Kong that is rich in merchant and war antiquity. It was built between 1915 to 1921 and was owned by a prominent merchant, named To Chun-man. Their family lived wealthily in the manson house for 20 years. In 1941 Japanese armies invaded Hong Kong. Sadly, the home was used as one of the Japanese headquarters. To Chun-man and his family were forced to leave their luxurious residence.

At the time of the military occupation in the Nam Koo Terrace, a number of Hong Kong women were allegedly abducted and confined to the mansion forced to become sex slaves. The building became a brothel for almost four years. Many were raped and killed here. Now, it is believed that the ghosts that haunt the site are the women who died in agony and torture at the hands of the Japanese soldiers.

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Locals claimed to have witnessed scary screams and apparitions from the Haunted Nam Koo Terrace during the night. Some individuals reported seeing ghostly flames believed by some as actual fires made by the squatting community in the Wan Chai.

Apart from the hauntings of the ghost from World War II, the Wan Chai Haunted House is similar to Aokigahara Forest, an eerie place where suicides happen. The statistics are not clear of how many individuals go to Nam Koo Terrace to die, but according to locals, suicide deaths contributed to the hauntings and paranormal activities in the house.

The Middle School Students Incident in the Haunted Nam Koo Terrace 

The spooky reports from personal accounts of visitors and locals in Wan Chai may not be enough to convince you that the place is haunted. However, an incident in 2003 that dominated many newspapers in Hong Kong might help change your mind. This event was one of the scary outcomes of dealing with ghosts in Nam Koo Terrace.

According to the reports, eight middle school students entered the old manson looking for a paranormal experience. They had their own version of Ouija board, and as they were performing a séance, the ghosts of the Nam Koo Terrace allegedly attacked three girls among the eight. One of the girls was apparently conquered or became possessed by a spirit. As the students ran out of the building, this particular girl stayed behind and refused to go outside of Nam Koo Terrace.

The police rushed to Nam Koo and they had a hard time dragging the girl outside of the building. The girl even attacked the police officers. The three girls were brought to a hospital and were examined by doctors and psychologists. Based on the hospital reports, the three girls were not under any drugs or stimulants. Except for being somewhat physically and emotionally shaken, they were apparently in good condition. The doctors couldn’t explain what happened to them.

Other versions of the story claim after the incident, the girl who attacked the police officers was reported missing. According to the reports, she left a note to her mother that reads, “Go back,” and since then she has not returned to her family. Is this latest story is real or just an urban legend? We couldn’t find any substantiating evidence.

Today, the haunted Nam Koo Terrace is still as creepy as it has been for generations. Real estate developer, Hopewell Holdings now own the building. The agency plan to restore the Nam Koo Terrace and preserve its history. As one of the Grade 1 Historic Buildings of Hong Kong, (which means selected as having “outstanding merits of which every effort should be made to preserve if possible”) the Nam Koo Terrace will stay around for more years, along with its hauntings.


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