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The Ghost Ship at The Devil’s Triangle

One of the most mysterious and haunted places on earth is the famous Bermuda Triangle or the so-called the “Devil’s Triangle.” Located in the western part of the North Atlantic Sea the Bermuda triangle covers about 440,000 miles of the ocean. It is a common shipping route for many cargo and commercial ships for many centuries now.

Apart from being a normal shipping course, the Bermuda triangle is rich with mysteries of disappearances of many vessels throughout the history. For more than a hundred years, thousands of people died or gone missing in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the most well-known ghost ship stories that were linked to the Bermuda Triangle were the abandoned ship of Carroll A. Deering, Ellen Austin, USS Cyclops and one of the first ghost ship In the late 1800s was Mary Celeste.

In this article, we will look at what happened to Mary Celeste, a ghost ship that became a ghost ship.

Mary Celeste

One of the most notable and earliest incidents that happened in the Bermuda Triangle was the abandoned Mary Celeste. It was found sailing about 400 miles east of the Azores, off the coast of Portugal in 1872, with no traces of human alive.

Mary Celeste was known as the “ghost ship” even before the incident in the Bermuda triangle. During her first years of sailing, Amazon (Mary Celeste’s first name) was involved in several mishaps and misfortunes. The first captain of the ship died of illness and it was damaged several times by series of accidents while sailing in the sea. It was as if the ship is under the devils’ advocate.

Moreover, Amazon was handed many times to different owners but none of them made any profitable interests in purchasing the ghost ship. Some even went bankrupt. It was like a curse ghost ship.

However, in the end, James Winchester, an American businessperson purchased the Amazon. The ship was reconstructed to sail again, despite its many misadventures in the past. It was given a new name, Mary Celeste.

It was the year 1872, on 7th of November that Mary Celeste started its journey to Genoa, Italy, led by Captain Benjamin Briggs. On the ship were the captain’s family (his wife and daughter Sophia) and seven crew members. Oddly, after less than a month of sailing, on December 24, a British ship named Dei Gratia found Mary Celeste uninhibited with no single human seen on board.

Theories and Speculations

Many speculations and theories were formed to find the truth behind the ghost ship. Some of the theories were about a sea-quake, storm, and piracy and even suspected foul play by Dei Gratia’s crew members. Other weird speculations were about Captain Briggs, his family, and crewmembers swallowed by a giant squid and even assumptions of alien abduction. Nonetheless, out of all the theories, the most plausible one was that of an explosion. It could have been the main reason the captain and his family, along with his crew member left the ship.

The Briggs Family

There were nine barrels of empty alcohol in the ship after it was found abandoned.  It suspected that these barrels of alcohol were the cause of an explosion. The only confusing part was the ship had no sign of scorching marks. Nevertheless, in 2006, Andrea Sella conducted an experiment that showed a pressure wave type of explosion. The results created a cool type of flame, which answered the no scorching mystery of the Mary Celeste. On the other hand, Captain Briggs, his family, and crew remained missing and they were never found.


Mary Celeste was already known as the “ghost ship” even before the Bermuda triangle case. Some unknown entity, a ghost or perhaps the devil itself was already inhabited in the ship based on the series of misfortunes it had in the past. Passing through the Devil’s triangle could have triggered the unknown entity and led to Mary Celeste’s ill-fated demise. But then again, we can never assume without solid proof that ghosts or unknown entities were already on the ship even before the Bermuda Triangle incident. What happened to the ship could have been caused by unconnected series of mysterious events, and this includes a trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

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