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Mothman: A Messenger of Catastrophe?

A number of sightings depicting  a man-sized humaniod, with glowing red eyes and 10-foot wingspan has been associated with catastrophic events of the past 50 years including some of today’s modern disasters.

The first documented sighting  of the Mothman was on November 12, 1966. An unidentified creature was spotted by five grave diggers in Clendenin West Virginia. It was decribed as a large feathered beast with immense wings that flew above the treetops.  A few days later two young couples from Point Pleasant WVA reported a winged humanoid flew after their car near the site of an old WW II ammunition plant. They reported red shining eyes when the car headlights spotted the monster. Other sightings continued in the area. Within months the first disaster occurred near the sightings. In time, a progression of the sighting of the Mothman in various parts of the world appeared to be linked with appalling disasters that would soon happen closeby.

Mothman Sightings Leading to Tragedies

The collapse of Silver Bridge that connects Point Pleasant, WVA to Ohio was the first recorded tragedy after the alleged sightings of Mothman.  The 700-foot structure collapsed on the evening of December 15, 1967, at around 5:00 pm. Many people were traveling on it when the calamity happened. According to the reports, the fall killed 46 people. Vehicles were tossed into the Ohio River, and some of the wreckage is still missing.

This picture claiming to be the Mothman is really just a piece of metal tilted and ready to fall, or is it?

Another tragic event that was linked to the Mothman was amid the 1920s. Although the incident occurred before the escalated controversy of the Mothman in the 1960s,  many believed that the “man dragon” sighted in the Xiaon Te Dam on January 1926 was similar to the creature seen in Point Pleasant.

When the dam burst, it killed 15,000 people living in the nearby villages.  Forty billion gallons of water ferociously destroyed everything in its way. Before the disaster, the villagers reported seeing a sinister figure flying above the dam.

In another part of the world, the Mothman continued to inflict tragedy. One of the worst nuclear misfortunes in history, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant failure in Ukraine has been associated with Mothman sightings. Before the horrific explosion took place in April 1986, a scientist and workers saw a bird-like creature similar to a man’s appearance gliding in the air near the plant. The enormous black bird observed purportedly had red eyes with beastly features.  The same monster was seen flying in the nearby town of Pripyat, which was also affected by strong levels of radiation after the nuclear blast.

Recent Catastrophe Links to Mothman Sightings

Mothman sightings continued into recent times. It was during the 911 attack in September 2001 that a mysterious black-winged creature was seen hovering around the Twin Towers. The particular observation happened just before the tragic air collisions of the twin towers. Some say later the beast was flying parallel to the doomed airliner before the second plane hit the tower.

The Mothman was also observed one month before the collapse of Interstate 35 Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The incident occurred on August 1, 2007.  Thirteen people were killed, and more than 145 were injured.

The most recent catastrophic event linked to Mothman sightings are of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster in March 2011.  A 7-magnitude earthquake triggered the explosion and sent tremors to  the entire region, killing hundreds of people.

A well published story claims an American Mr. Marcus Pules on a visit to Japan witnessed the Mothman circling the plant, along with his friend, who also saw the mysterious creature sitting on top of the nearby building. After a few minutes, the ominous beast suddenly disappeared.

After returning to the US, Pules learned of a CNN news report that Japan had suffered a devastating earthquake, resulting in Fukushima disaster. After hearing about the dangerous radiation leaks, he remembered his encounter with the black-flying creature at the now devastated nuclear power plant.

Most recent Mothman image – Point Pleasant WVA November 2016

The worldwide Mothman sightings are unexplainable by science. If it does exist what is the Mothman’s relation to such Catastrophes?  We can’t really tell, as of now, but at least the most recent sightings haven’t been yet linked to a tragedy. Let us hope that Mothman won’t show up anytime soon near your doorstep.


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