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Gravity Hill, PA – Defying the Laws of Physics

Gravity Hill roadside markings - courtesy of ""

Gravity Hill roadside markings – courtesy of “”


 Gravity Hill in Bedford County, PA is a place where cars roll uphill and water flows the ” wrong” way. At Gravity Hill you can seemingly defy the power of gravity.

The area is located in the suburbs of New Paris, PA in a remote region of Bedford County. The surrounding countryside is typical rural Pennsylvania about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh. Experimenting with laws of  physics on Gravity Hill is both charmingly and seemingly magical. Thousands of visitors come there each year and  actually is approved by the the Bedford Co. PA tourist board. While there are no stores on site you can buy T-shirts, and other paraphernalia including hats and bumper stickers at the Bedford County Welcome Centers in downtown Bedford.

The YouTube video below challenges  the laws of physics as the driver puts his car in neutral and it rolls backwards uphill, accelerating to a remarkable speed.

Gravity Hill continues to mystify and delight visitors every day. Signs will indicate the general area and markings on the road will help you find a spot to try out the gravity defying  phenomena with your own car.  Some individuals will bring water or other liquids and pour them on the road and watch as the liquid flow uphill.

If you happen to be traveling this summer on the PA turnpike it might be fun to stop by New Paris PA and witness for yourself the strange anomalies of Gravity Hill.

The public is invited to call Bedford County at 800-765-3331 to receive a free copy of the Gravity Hill Brochure. You can also click on to the Gravity Hill website, then further click on to a section thereupon which gives directions on how to get to Gravity Hill.

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