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Unidentified Foo Objects

When you ask an average person of today’s generation if they ever heard of the Foo Fighters, they would most likely refer to the popular American rock band.  But have you ever wondered where the group got its name?

It has a lot to do with UFOs and a lot less to do with alternative rock.

Foo Fighters was a name given to unidentified flying objects that were reported during the Second World War. But even the name itself has its own roots during this time. Its origins don’t have anything to do with UFOs. In fact, the term “Foo” was borrowed from a 1930s popular fireman cartoon strip, Smokey Stover by Bill Holman. Smokey Stover was a goofy fireman who was a foo fighter– “fire” fighter. And sightings described UFOs that looked like fire (foo) balls, hence, foo fighters. Eventually, the name stuck. The term UFO was later used in the 50s to name these mysterious objects.

The Second World War opened quite a bit of the modern technology that we enjoy today.  After the war, space rockets were created enabling man to make his first steps on the moon. But even before this, Nazi Germany Military Technology was already ahead of its time. The impressive Messerschmitt Me 262 was the world’s first jet-powered fighter aircraft. The imposing V-2 Rocket was the world’s first long-range guided missile; and stealth bombers such as the Horton HO 229 were already designed. The race was on to improve aeronautics and create machines to carry payloads, dogs and

But is there more?


German V-2 Rocket. Getty Images

There are conspiracy theories which claim that Nazis have developed advanced technology based on an alleged flying saucer that crashed into the countryside of Germany. In fact, there have been speculations about the existence of a Nazi Die Glocke which looked like a giant bell with anti-gravity technology. And more curiously, a blue print of a disk-shaped the German Haunebu.

The fact that the Nazis conducted research into these advanced technologies would lead one to wonder whether the so called foo fighters came from them.

However, a strange event in the month of November 1944 happened when allied aircraft over Western Europe saw what appeared to be fire balls travelling at a high-speed in the sky. They were never hostile but the objects seemed to deliberately play with them, almost as if they were controlled or guided by an unknown force or intelligence. They were suspected to be secret German weapons or German prototypes at first. But it was later determined that the Germans and the Japanese also had a similar encounter. The fiery balls of unknown origin changed colors and flew singly or in pairs or in groups making rigid formations but never appeared on radar. Many theories try to explain the sightings but have proved nothing. Was it a prototype of a German Haunebu? Were the German soldiers and pilots unaware of these secret weapons?

The sightings didn’t stop there.

It was not only pilots but also sailors who saw simular unexplained phenomena. The sightings are usually described as illuminated balls or circular objects which glow and hover or flew at bizarre speeds. Moving in such a way that defies the laws of physics. The mysterious UFOs not only showed up at night but also during the day. One account from a soldier stationed in West of Guadalcanal said on August 12, 1942 he heard strange sounds – “a mighty roar that seemed to echo in the heavens” – followed by a formation of silver spheres traveling through the daytime skies. At first they were thought to be the Japanese aircraft but with much uncertainty. They speedy flew faster than Japanese planes and no bombs were dropped, disappearing moments afterward. Other accounts described foo fighters changing colors, and even pursuing aircrafts. A pilot known as Lumsden flying a Hurricane Interceptor over France in December 1942 was followed by two Foo fighters.

It should not be forgotten that these pilots and sailors are supposed to be experts of the sky. Anything unusual would have been noticed. But one must wonder why many of these sightings happened during that time of world crisis?


                                            Actual UFO image – US Airforce

One notable event of that period was the Battle of Los Angeles a.k.a. The Great Los Angeles Air Raid which happened in February 1942. Anti-aircraft artillery defended the night skies of Los Angeles against a supposed Japanese air raid. The event resulted in accidents and lost 5 civilians. The Secretary of the Navy later went on to say in a press conference that it was a false alarm.

But photos of the incident later revealed what appeared to be a flying saucer in the sky, illuminated by spotlights from the ground. The anti-aircraft shells hit nothing and no wreckage was found. This was a mass sighting and people had more questions than answers, even to this day.

We live in a time ofimpressive technology, but there are many things looking back in history that were still unknown. One can not deny that a tremendous anount of innovation  occurred in the last one hundred years or so, perhaps creating reality from the dreams of the common man.

The German 3rd Reich took interests in the ancient knowledge of great civilizations. Would it have been possible that the Nazis were able to extract somekind of ancient technology that was overlooked or forgotten? And if so, would they have applied this knowledge in the creation of secret otherworldly like weapons such as the foo fighters?

Or was this phenomenon really out of this world?

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