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The Mass UFO Encounter at “Ariel School”

Have you ever heard of a Mass UFO Encounter? More often than not, UFO sightings are experienced by an individual, a couple or a small number of people.  It is unusal if more than a handful claim witness to alien or UFO sighting. However, it’s most unusual that 62 school children observed an alleged UFO land complete with Aliens hopping about in the deserts of Africa.

On the 16th day of September 1994, in the dusty playground of the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, an unidentified object apparently stopped by to visit to the youngsters there.  This event happened two days after a first unidentified object traversed the skies of Southern Africa. The sighting on September 14 was ascertained to be the rocket that launched the Russian Cosmos 2290 satellite. Cynthia Hind, the editor of the UFO journal African news, documented the account.

Although the first alleged object that streaked was a rocket, the story of the 62 schoolchildren in Ruwa was a real “close encounter of the third kind”. To this day, the mass contact at Ariel School is considered one of the best large-scale alien encounters in Ufology history.

What really happened in Ariel School?

While the Ariel School teachers were in a meeting, about 250 students were playing at the schoolyard for a mid-morning break. Suddenly out of nowhere, three silver balls appeared hovering above the grounds. The flying orbs flickered red and disappeared three times, catching the attention of a group of children, who ranged in age from 5-12 years old.

The orbs began to descend into the schoolyard, according to the 62 eyewitnesses, one of the spheres landed or hovered just above the ground at around 10:15 am that morning. Based on the on all accounts, the UFO was about 300 feet away from the playground.

It was uncertain if the UFO landed or just hovered. The witnesses were young children of all different ages. Some were very aware of what was happening while others who were much younger were not as aware of what they saw. Regardless of age gaps and a general awareness disparity, the fact that 62 individuals have a consistent story of seeing a genuine UFO is a frightening thing of its own!

The frightened but curious kids approached the UFO, and saw two strange, small humanoid figures, about 3 feet in height, with a long neck, narrow face, long black hair and rugby size eyeballs, coming out from the top of the orb. According to the reports, one unidentified creature was wearing bright tight-fitting clothes, and both were moving back and forth on the bushy ground. “It looked like they were bouncing” said one student. Moreover, the children believe that the aliens were just looking at them almost mockingly. The students also explained that they were scared because they hadn’t seen any person similar to the creatures before this in their own lives.

Oddly the students believe the aliens communicated with them using a form of mental telepathy. Many of the children insist the message was “humans should take care of the earth and watch out for the developing technology”.

The incident lasted for about 15 minutes, followed by a stampeded of screaming kids running back to the school, which alerted the teachers. The boys and girls described the terrifying encounter for hours in utter astonishment to everyone at the Ariel School.

The Investigation of the Mass UFO Encounter

The following day, Cynthia Hind, Africa’s famous UFO researcher and her son a BBC reporter and electrical expert Gunter Hofer went to Ariel School to see what they could learn. Hind asked the headmaster of the school, Colin Mackie, to have the children draw images of what they saw.

Here are some of the drawings that the children created . Most of the illustrations show a saucer-shaped craft, some trees and small men with large black eyes and some with long black hair.

Hind interviewed the witnesses, and Harvard Professor and Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack spent two days speaking with the children who saw the events unfold that faithful day on the grounds of Ariel School.

They concluded from the interviews – this may truely be a mass UFO encounter. Although no physical evidence from the site was gathered except for some scorched grass, the consistency of testimonies, along with the drawings has been deemed credible.

The students in Africa, are away from media influence and the overall possibility of UFO existence, so it is appears unlikely they were fabricating stories. Dr. Mack, a renowned biographer, and Pulitzer winner notes that the event was not a product of mass delusion and no psychiatric explanation could be determined.

The UFO encounter at the Ariel School is one of the few sightings that was never determined to be a hoax. Are UFO’s and Aliens really here among us on the pale blue dot we call earth?

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