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The First UFO Sighting of 2018

Baja California Area, with dust storm. Image – NASA Earth Observatory.

The first UFO sighting of 2018 is as mysterious as it looks. The alleged UFO was seen hovering the sky of Mexico just recently. Let us dig deeper into this bizarre incident.

A woman in Mexico apparently filmed a strange humanoid-shaped UFO, while on the road. According to the reports, the woman was traveling to the Baja California, Mexico when she saw an unidentified flying object suspended in mid-air. She captured a video of the flying object using her smartphone.

Image from

In the above picture, you can see the oddly shaped UFO that was recorded by an unknown woman. It looked like a vertical flying object, which is taller than its wide. The video went viral on social media, and it is now known as the First UFO sighting this year.

Some people claimed that the flying object was just an aircraft, while the others thought it was a fake and edited video. However, nothing has been accurately confirmed regarding the unidentified flying object. You can watch the video below, which was aired in ViralityTV on YouTube.

Based on the video aired in ViralityTV, you can hear some people talking and a woman voice speaking in their native language. As translated, the woman meant something like “what is that?” She was talking about the unidentified flying object.

The crew of ViralityTV had a talked with a UFO expert named Pedro Ramirez regarding the viral video of UFO in Mexico. According to Pedro Ramirez, the video footage was real, and he described it as a tubular UFO flying vertically over the city of Baja California, Mexico. He also said that it was indeed the first UFO sighting of the year.

Ramirez also claimed that there was an increased alien activity since the last quarter of 2017. It was apparently because of the NASA and SpaceX spaceship launches. More spaceship takeoffs are already planned for the coming months, and this means earth will expect more UFO sightings and alien activities.

Ramirez said, “Aliens are aware that we have made some space launches recently and have identified that we have been sending up ‘war material.” He also added that this year would be significant for UFO enthusiasts and UFO experts.

As of the moment, the video of this very first UFO sighting of 2018 has reached more than two hundred thousand views in ViralityTV and theskyufo YouTube channel.

First UFO Sighting: Is the tubular UFO real?

Based on the reports above, the tubular vertical UFO is something that we couldn’t fully comprehend. It is unusually different from the conventional shape of flying UFO saucer that we know.

The picture on your left is an alleged UFO sighting in Barrow County Jail, Georgia. The picture on your right is the first UFO sighting of 2018 in Baja California, Mexico.

The barrow county UFO is the common saucer-shaped UFO that most people are aware of, while the unidentified flying object in Mexico is vertical and tubular shaped.

The coined saucer-shaped UFO originated from the granddaddy of all UFO sighting. The alleged UFO crashed in Roswell in 1947. It was described as a flying saucer, and from then on, the UFO controversies started. These days, the Roswell incident was claimed as a result of Project Mogul and had nothing to do with Aliens, but some people still believed that the US government is hiding UFO related information.

Just last December 16, 2017, the US government disclosed information about a funded program about UFO sightings. You can read more about this on “UFO’s and the Government.” With this information, you may conclude several hypothesis. One is that UFO’s are real and the government has taken serious actions about it. The other interpretation would be, UFO’s aren’t real but in any case, the government conducted important research to learn the truth. Nonetheless, the truth is always elusive.

The Baja California sighting might represent a different sort of non saucer shaped unidentified object. Some believe that it could be a balloon or a person riding a jet-pack. At this moment, no corroborating evidence and other video footage that can confirm this.  What we only know is that this UFO will remain a mystery unless proven as a hoax.

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