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Navy of Chile can’t Explain this UFO!

November 14, 2014  – A Chilean Navy pilot and technician were flying a twin -engine Airbus AS-532 Cougar helicopter on patrol at a velocity of 120 knots along the coast west of  Santiago. The chopper’s mission that afternoon included thermal testing of an infra red WESCAM MX-15 high definition imaging camera.

During their flight a strange object appeared in the skies matching the helicopter’s speed and  altitude, at about 4500 ft. The crew was able to capture video of the unidentified craft with the camera in both visible and infrared light and was perhaps to be moving forward . The pilot made repeated attempts to establish contact  but received no response as Air traffic control confirmed by radio the helicopters position but  found nothing else unusual on radar. Distance estimated by the pilot from the helicopter to the UFO averaged about 30-35 miles.

After several moments both men observed the object release or discharge some sort of liquid or gas, of an intense heat caught by the imaging camera, leaving a large plume behind it. A short time later a second release of a similar hot substance was noted and recorded. Then the object mysteriously disappeared into the clouds but not until the crew obtained about 10 minutes of video.

Puzzled by the incident the Navy sent the video to Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, or the CEFAA. This is a Chilean government group that investigates UFO sightings. The analyzing team researched the evidence included scientists, military personal and photographic experts .The conclusion is shocking. The organization determined the video was not altered or modified from its original form, and represents no craft  that could be identified. It is not a insect, bird, drone or anything similar. The statements issued labeled the object to be a unexplained and an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”.

French analysis propose the sighting may have been that of a medium or long-hauler  aircraft on approach to the Santiago airport dumping waste water from the cabin. Chilean officials have dismissed this theory because no additional aircraft was visible on radar from two separate stations. Scientist point out that the plume did not react as water should at the altitude the object was located. Santiago Airport records show no planes were found on approach at the time of the sighting or had filed flight plans.

In all fairness to our Mystic Sciences readers, an independent investigation of the account suggests that the object maybe one or possibly two airplanes. Mick West of claims that LATAM airlines flight 330 from Santiago to La Serena, Chile and Iberia Flight 6830 from Santiago to Madrid, Spain as possible answers. West continues:

“This looks like a plane, flying away from the camera considerably higher than the helicopter (somewhere around 15,000 to 25,000 feet), that briefly creates an aerodynamic contrail.

“The plane that initially seems to fit best is LA330, a two engined A320, which was reported to be climbing through 20,000 feet at that exact visual position at 14:01:39.

“It was actually 65 miles away, not 35-50.

“This explains why it was not seen on radar – the actual plane was on radar, just not where they thought it was.

“The second plane is IB6830 which left earlier, and was climbing out more to the south, nearer to the helicopter. “At the time this was spotted the plane was actually around 35 miles away.

“However it would very quickly get further away.”

In any case, it would be redundant to believe that Chile’s own CEFAA would not have independently found  and agreed with this information, should it have explained this matter. To make the situation even worse it would have been quite an insult to the Navy of the Country of Chile to create such a blunder in the first place.

At this time we leave the mystery in the readers hands. We have simply presented the story.





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