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Did NASA stop broadcasting a UFO “Live on Camera”?

UFO enthusiasts  are reporting that NASA stopped the live stream broadcast of an unidentified object that was picked up by cameras on the International Space Station.

The video became a sensation after Streetcap 1 posted the YouTube video on July 9, 2016. The camera clearly shows an white circular object floating in the blackness of space; above the curve of the blue earth, then descending slowly. The mysterious “white dot” appears to continue downward and into the earth’s atmosphere evidenced by a trail of turbulence surrounding it.

Even though the looks strangely convincing something extraterrestrial   is underway , Streetcap 1 is quick to suggest the object could simply be a meteor. Some suggest other natural phenomenon including  one of the thousands of man-made satellites currently in orbit.

The issue most enthusiasts and Streetcap1 question is why  this live stream was abruptly stopped by NASA? “It seems suspicious” that when the object stopped moving in space NASA cut the video.” said YouTube patrons.

So what was this strange object? NASA spokesmen claim that the cameras were not deliberately shut down, but controlled automatically, and will periodically loose signals when they become out of range for the tracking stations.

Most UFO conspirators aren’t happy with NASA’s response and will continue to demand answers. Watch the video, what do you think?

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