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Healing & Mystery: Iceland Spar


Iceland Spar helps cleanse the aura. Adjust your concentration levels as a spiritual being on a human journey. It is an excellent cleanser of what is believed to be of the mind and spirt.

It has a calming effect and may help cope with decisions and clarity of thoughts and thinking progression. Many claim to relieve emotional stress and turmoil by offering crystal clear clarity and insight. it also has appears to be used by the Vikings for navigation by sea even when the sun was not visible in the sky!



Iceland spar is a clear, transparent, crystallized variety of calcite, which has been associated with healing and mystical properties for thousands of years.

Our beautiful examples are large and feature beautiful, in hopes of making them especially useful for your healing attributes and experimental use.

Over 1,000 years ago, the Vikings sailed from Scandinavia to America without the use of magnetic compasses, astrolabes, maps or any other known device. Yet they still managed to find their way in spite of the clouds, fog, and long summer twilights characteristic of near Polar Regions. Centuries old Viking legends attribute their navigational success to the use of mysterious, glowing “sunstones” to find the position of the sun and set the ship’s course even on cloudy days. Although still controversial, many researchers now believe that these “magical sunstones” were in fact Iceland spar.

We often try to maintain a supply of these crystals but we often reject specimens that don’t hold up to our standards in size and purity.

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