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God’s creation humanity and life after death

New book offered for sale great mysteries finally solved and explained in detail on God’s creation humanity and life after death by Stephen Paslow copyright 2005 only $20

Introduction and a Forward

Everyone has wandered about such great questions as why was I born? Why was both evil and good created instead of just good? What happens after death?Until very recently sign said no answers into very recently people would walk to religion for answers but when people walk to religions for answers people discover different answers.

Religion seems at first to give answers but then religion seems to be offering guesses, assumptions that seem more like excuses that actual answers!The author has created a new signs which gives answers in a way which is completely intelligent and logical. This book from beginning to end, give scientific evidence to explain its claims.For thousands of years, there has been Devastating religious wars and they continue today in large parts of the world.Only this new type of science can bring peace to the world!This book, starting in chapter 1, explains that nature which is neither male nor female is the God of the universe.And that atoms, found throughout the universe, have a certain inner intelligence.

The most intelligent of the items are the creator for atoms whose intelligence designs people, animals, planets, etc. Worker Atoms whose job is to build the intended designed items. The Worker Atoms are simply intelligence Atoms who are used as the building material by the much more intelligently advanced Creator Atoms. And Protector atoms whose job is to offer a certain degree of protection and maintenance of the creative thing from start to finish.That nature is a series of intelligence’s or mines put together a series of different sets of operating atoms. The creative aspect of nature represents intelligence many, many thousands of times greater that its creations.That the human race started from very inferior, very low intelligence atoms which were rejected by the highly, highly superior majestic atoms.

These inferior, very well low atoms bonded together, trying to function as a unit, which created a human being.While male and female were created for the purpose of reproduction, learn the secrets of what started the idea from nature, for the creation of male and female, to color parts for reproduction instead of one single source or unit for reproduction.Life after death learn about the existence of life energy, and energy different from all other energies, but found throughout the universe, which is in intelligence.

The author has learned a great deal about life after death, over the many years through away not available to the vast, vast majority of people, and the Arthur has included that information in this book.Wonder if heaven and hell are real or just wishful thinking fantasies? Read this book to know the answers!Everything in my book is backed up scientific evidence! The author has done a good job trying to reason with the reader in a nice way, then giving scientific evidence which is so logical, so intelligent, that he cannot be ignored! Those people who try to debunk this scientific evidence discovery they, themselves, or being debunked!





1. The God of Religion Compared to the God of the Universe.

2. How Nature, the Great Universal Mind, Creates.

3. The Result of Creation From Orders From the High Majestic Atoms to the Low Class Worker Atoms.

4.  Attributes of Nature The Creator and Attributes of Very Advanced Creation.

5. The Assembly of the Human Being.

6. The Foundation of Life Energy.

7. Life After Death Scientifically Explained.

8. How Ghosts Live, Scientifically Explained.

9. The Part of Nature That is the Creator of Humans – How Humans Came to Be, Scientifically Explained.

10. Scientifically, Where Evolution Comes In and Creation Through the Very, Very Long and Very, Very Slow Process of Evolution.

11. The Great Chain – Life After Death, Evolution, and Reincarnation (Personal Private Evolution) The Scientific Phenomenon of Reincarnation.

12. Miscellaneous Information, With Certain Clarification on Evolution, Life and the Universe.

13. The Brain and Mind Further Explored. Also Evolution’s Secret Journey.

14. Why Nature The Creator Does Not Or Cannot Communicate With Mankind. Why Nature, The Creator Does Not Or Cannot Talk, Nor Write.    Mankind’s Refusal  To Accept Certain Basic Facts of Nature.

15. Survival Leads to Evolution, Separation, Seemingly Independence to the Life Energy Continuum.

16. Who Knows What is Best For The Human Race, The Vast Majority of Humans, Themselves, or Nature their Creator?

17. The Nature of Humans to Take Control and Live The Way They Prefer.

18. Appendix

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