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This image was reputably taken during the Civil war showing a deceased soldier walking up stairs from a basement.

This image was reputably taken during the Civil war showing a deceased soldier walking up stairs from a basement.

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Many, many, many people have had experiences with spiritual mediums that have claimed to be able to communicate with the spirits of the departed; the deceased. There are people who have originally believed the medium was actually in contact with ghosts, but then, as time goes by, even years later, these people then believe the medium did not give enough information to convince them of actual spirit contact, and what little information given was  actually guesses passed off as real spirit messages. In other instances, people have discovered people claiming to be mediums who go through elaborate tricks; skillfully employed to make people believe the phenomena produced was actually mediumistic which includes at first seemingly physical mediumship and at first seemingly mental mediumship. But, there are people who have had spirit mediumistic experiences, oftentimes without even being around a person claiming to be mediumistic, in which these type of people strongly believe they have witnessed real spirit psychic phenomena; real spirit mediumship in such a way that these people cannot see how such phenomena can be a case of mistaken identity nor a hallucination and consider these experiences as real paranormal events. Here is being mentioned those people who have decided to make a huge, exhausting study of paranormal phenomena for all their lives; people who have, for many years, studied the paranormal with an open mind, read the critiques of skeptics; these people being people who are not prone to hallucinate, people who do not use mind altering drugs nor mind altering liquor alcoholic stimulates; also people who are honest by nature, who have studied, in very great detail, the techniques of fraudulent psychics and fraudulent mediums as revealed in books and on the internet; and yet, all in all, still consider certain experiences they; these people had as real spirit communication.

Steve Paslow

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