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Bigfoot Sighted in Crawford County PA

June 22, 2017 – Cambridge Springs, PA  – Keith and Robin Morgan live in a rural area about 15 miles north of Meadville, Pennsylvania. Late last year Robin witnessed an enormous creature with black hair walking on their land into the woods.  It was too big to be a bear Robin insisted, “This thing was massive.”

The Morgan’s reported something was climbing a fence to the hog pen, killing the hogs and taking them out. Startled by the incidents, the Morgan’s contacted Carmine “Tom” Biscardi, or “The Godfather of Bigfoot,” as he claims to be.

Biscardi, has been investigating Bigfoot sighting for 50 years after being impressed with the 1967 footage of an ape like creature strolling in the forests of northern California presented on NBC’s “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Biscardi and his son T.J. Biscardi traveled to the Morgan’s home to hold a news conference on the recent sightings on their front porch.

Here’s an analysis the video of the famous Patterson Gilmin of 1967:

Now back to the backwoods of Pennsylvania,the team was searching the woods with thermal imaging cameras and “bigfoot” peanut-butter and sardine bait suspended high in the trees. The animals are nocturnal thus proper equipment and procedures are important. It is also probable that more than one hairy humanoid may be present somewhere in the thousands of wooded acreage attempting to communicate with each other sharing their finds of food and location.

June 22, 2017 – TJ Biscarti (l) and Francisco Corera- image by Shannon Roae -Meadville Times (AP)

T.J. Biscardi said in an interview with KDA News – “I want a creature,” “I’m done with pictures, done with prints, done with hair samples, done with fecal matter.”

“I don’t want to be 70 or 80 years old and still have to be proving this,” he added out of earshot of his father. “I want it to be done.”

Biscardi’s firm Bigfoot Project Investment is offering a reward of one million dollars  for a creature dead or alive. The excitement has stirred local interest in collecting the bounty. Hunters and trappers has joined in the pursuit of the mysterious creature. If Biscardi is right it could be a numbers game, with more hunters out in the woods the greater the chances of finding the prized creature.

Tom Biscardi 2008 Press conference

TJ Biscardi’s experience has helped him understand random noises in the dark and animal foot print identification. For 10 months a year the team hunts for Bigfoot. In all TJ’s years he can say he only witnessed the creature one time near Paris Texas about 9 years ago. The elder Biscardi had his first sighting years before that.

Bigfoot has been spotted all over the country, recently Pennsylvania was listed as one of the 10 most active states for Bigfoot sightings, after New York and Ohio. Can the mythical creature co-exist in such a populous state in this day and age? Bigfoot theorists believe so.

If you ask where the greatest population of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located , it very easy to see that the eastern and western localities hold the most people. The areas – Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were settled due to their locations to rivers and grew very prosperous during the past two hundred years or so. That leaves great swaths of land in the middle and northern portions of the state with a low population density.

Location of Cambridge Springs in Crawford County PA.

Here forested land and streams are abundant with an occasional dairy, and cattle farms –  all prime areas that Bigfoot may call home. The food supply would be generous with little intrusion of man.

It remains to be seen what will happen when the Biscardi’s return to Keith and Robin’s farm and who if anyone will ever claim the million dollar bounty offer for a captured Bigfootor its carcass. One thing is certain, there remain hundreds of sightings, pictures, footprints and property destruction that simply can’t be explained. If Bigfoot exists it’s just a matter of time before someone catches him. Maybe that someone will be the Biscardi’s.

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